With roots firmly in the farms of Britain, we offer an exciting combination of fresh farm ingredients and the highest quality baking, highlighting the best of what Britain has to offer. Our food is a cut above other outlets around in terms of ingredients, look and taste. We’ve included dishes that you know and love because they have a special place in your heart (and stomach!). We wanted the packaging to show you which country or town that its origins lie. You can see this on a map of the British Isles and the specific location is shaded in so that wherever you come from, you can see where your food is from without the hindrance of language barriers.


James Martin Kitchen map revised

We choose to work with this fine selection of local partners:


Nigel Fredericks

Our Butcher is Nigel Fredricks who have been purveyors of quality meats since 1890. Try their pork sausage in the Bangers & Mash Hot Pot.

Servern and Wye

Our salmon is supplied by Severn & Wye. Try it in my British Smoked Salmon Sandwich.

London Bread Company

Our English Muffins and wholemeal bread are especially made for JMK by the London bread company, of which the flour is milled only 15km away from the airport. Enjoy with your sausage buttie or in the JMK burger.


Blackmore Vale Dairy

Blackmore Vale Dairy in Dorset is the most successful independent diary in the south of England, supplied by 35 local farms.


The Barber family have been making cheese in Somerset since 1833. Their Vintage Cheddar Cheese (24 month old vintage) won the world’s cheese champion as the best cheddar. You’ll find it in my Posh Ham and Cheese Baguette – it’s also in the kids’ version too!

Houghton Hams

Wagstaff Ham is from Northamptonshire, it is from the Houghton Hams estate. Find it in my Posh Ham and Egg Salad.


Food Fellas Waffles

Our Waffles are from the Food Fella’s who have developed an American style waffle. My personal favourite is the Waffle with Bacon and Maple Syrup.